Three Bedroom Ranch Plan - HOMEPW02945

Case Study in Home Building

The images on this page may or may not correspond to the owner-specific modifications described in this case study. Please check the floor plans carefully on the product detail page.

Three Bedroom Ranch Home Plan - HOMEPW02945

Owner-specific modifications:

  • Replaced rear screened porch with four-season sun room
  • Added screened porch underneath sun room
  • Widened hallways
  • Used pocket and bifold doors instead of swinging doors in master bath
  • Rearranged layout of master bath
  • Installed one window, rather than three, on rear wall of master bedroom

It's one of our best-selling home plans and there's a reason for it. Actually, there are several reasons for it. From the breezy screened porch to the cozy sitting area in the master suite, the rooms in this house will make you feel, well, right at home.

First Impressions
Looking at the front perspective, the natural focal point of Home Plan HOMEPW02945 is a trio of quaint arches introducing the porch. The soft bows and understated columns express a sense of welcome to visitors, while the porch itself, just big enough for a couple of rocking chairs, has a cozy effect whether you're stepping up to the front door for the first time or sipping lemonade in the company of long-time friends.

This magnetic curb appeal is partly what drew Clyde and Ava Lowery of eastern Tennessee to the design. "We liked the open floor plan and the maneuverability to get around the rooms," said Clyde. "We also liked the appearance from the outside."

From the central arches revealing the porch, the eye naturally spreads outward, drawn to the subtle touches that make up the home's beauty, as if just noticing the individual strokes that make up the overall scene of an impressionist painting. Subtle French-style quoins add a delicate texture to the otherwise-sharp angles of the home, while the windows boast their own aesthetic function, each seemingly lighted by a pretty keystone, like a glimmering star atop a Christmas tree, and underlined by a strand of sleek soldier coursing. Charming shutters flank the windows, adding a slice of pleasant country-style appeal.

Set apart from the others by its style and brilliance, the most prominent window arrangement is a beautiful Palladian window. This striking arrangement is crowned by a half-round transom and outlined by distinguished soldier coursing—even the decorative window panes, stretching across the windows like sunbeams soaring across the sky, carry a noticeable effect.

With such an array of charming characteristics dressing up the home's facade, it's somewhat surprising that the features don't compete with each other for attention. But the combination of French- and country-style characteristics is very pleasing, reflecting a complete picture that carries wide appeal.

Family Time
This undeniable appeal spreads throughout the inside of the home as well. Perhaps that's another reason why the plan is a best seller and why Clyde, a retired machinist, and Ava, a homemaker, picked it. This being their second building project, they had some experience in home building and they were looking to get exactly what they wanted this time around. "We looked at homes on the market and they were close [to what we wanted], but didn't have everything," said Clyde. "We decided to build to get what we wanted."

Determined to find a home that not only fit their needs, but also fulfilled their wants, Ava began looking through home-plan magazines and found Plan HOMEPW02945. In addition to the beautiful exterior, the Lowerys loved the interior as well, noting the wide-open layout, which makes it easy to get from one room to the next. They also liked the large family spaces, especially the extra-large family room. "We have three daughters—all married—and five grandchildren," said Clyde. "When they come we spend most of the time in the family room."

It's not hard to see why the family room gets extra attention. Located at the heart of the home, the room serves as an ideal gathering spot, large enough to accommodate a bigger group with ease, while cozy enough to maintain that intimate, homey feel. Just beyond the entry, this room blends spaciousness and comfort, providing the perfect transition from the outside to the inside, and proving the inviting ambience of the porch to be an accurate preview of what's inside. Charming and thoughtful details add to the room's delightful personality. A high, vaulted ceiling rises overhead, complementing the spacious dimensions and enhancing the airy atmosphere. A great fireplace anchors one end of the room, boosting the warm, comforting tone. Flanking the fireplace on either side are classy window arrangements overlooking a refreshing screened porch, which the Lowerys turned into a sun room.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the room, however, is not one of its tangible qualities, but rather the way that it engages the rest of the home. Because of its central location, from the moment you walk through the door you feel like you're a part of the activity. The nearby kitchen offers the reassuring aroma of a home-cooked meal, while the pulsing activity of the home's shared living space places you in a front-row seat.

Secluded from the activity of the family room by elegant French doors, the living room offers a quiet, more formal setting. In this less-trafficked setting, a striking Palladian window, which takes up most of the front-facing wall, can receive the attention it deserves. Natural light filters in from the window, giving the room a graceful air, while the French doors on the opposing wall can close off the room for more privacy or be left open for aesthetic appeal. Either way, sunlight extends into the entry, allowing the room to be open to the main area of the home while still maintaining its seclusion. Because the room is so close to the entry it also makes it an ideal place to meet clients if you prefer to use it as a home office. In addition, the high, vaulted ceiling allows bookcases to fill the room without making it appear congested, if you wanted to use the room as a study instead.

To the right of the entry the ceiling drops subtly and curves slightly downward, joining the walls extending out from either side. This creates a defined introduction to the dining room, giving you the option to make it an elegant and formal room, distinct from the family room, or, because of its wide-open entry, a casual and relaxed extension of the family room and kitchen. Other characteristics found in the room foster this versatility as well. For example, beautiful transom-topped windows can be dressed up with pretty drapes for an elegant look. Likewise, a classy tray ceiling offers the perfect opportunity to hang a chandelier.

A discreet side door connects the dining room to the kitchen—a meal-service must on busy days like Thanksgiving, when the kitchen is the center of activity. The kitchen itself handles demanding tasks with ease, boasting coveted amenities such as a large pantry, extra cabinets and plenty of counter space. But it's not these more basic amenities that make the kitchen so sweet; rather, it's the extras that transform the kitchen's already-tasty layout into a savory delight. For example, because the stove is separate from the ovens, the work area is spread out, and the extra counter space is more efficiently used. And if that word "ovens" jumped out at you, you're probably already thinking about all the ways that an extra oven can enhance your cooking (aside from just keeping the potatoes warm while you're waiting for the rest of your dinner to finish cooking).

But let's face it—the kitchen can be just as bustling as the family room. That's why the layout is so important. The refrigerator is cleverly placed in one corner of the room, still just an arm's reach away from the central workstation, but out of the way so that if someone wants to grab a quick drink, they can do so without disturbing the cook. Another feature designed to accommodate more than one person in the kitchen is the snack bar extending from the central workstation. Not only can the snack bar seat two assistants—one to chop the veggies and the other to toss the salad—but it also functions nicely as an instant buffet table, or a place setting for a quick and casual meal. Loaded with these features, the kitchen comes specially prepared. This is a good thing, particularly when, like Clyde, you consider all the "extra time you regularly spend in the kitchen."

Adjoining the kitchen is a cozy breakfast nook surrounded by a bay window. The nook holds a kitchen table just perfectly, and the angled walls of the bay window embrace the area for a sheltering feel, creating the ideal place to enjoy a casual meal, play a game of cards on family-fun night or lounge around with a cup of coffee and the newspaper on a lazy Sunday morning.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Off one side of the breakfast nook, a door leads to a gorgeous sun room. The design originally called for a screened porch, but the Lowerys decided that a sun room would better fit their needs. "A screened porch is seasonal, so it wouldn't be as usable as a sun room," said Clyde, describing their reason for the change. It turns out that the change was a good one. "It's my favorite part of the house!" Clyde said. "And my wife's, too. We spend the most time in there."

Rear View of Home Plan HOMEPW02945

Because their lot is sloping, the Lowerys were still able to build a screened porch underneath the sun room. Plus, the sun room adjoins a large, breezy deck, so there's never a lack of room for outdoor barbecues at the Lowery household!

Getting Personal
With all the comfortable, relaxing and inviting shared spaces in the home, it's hard to imagine a master suite that better fits the marriage of form and function that this home represents. Like the other rooms in the home, however, the master suite combines a thoughtful blend of pampering amenities, while maintaining a level of familiar intimacy. The result is an infusion of luxury in a room that still makes you feel at home.

Nestled into one corner of the home, the master suite boasts privacy and seclusion from the rest of the home. A vaulted ceiling crowns the main part of the master bedroom, enhancing the airiness created by a gorgeous transom-topped window. Off to the side, the ceiling lowers slightly to give a cozy and sheltering feel to the sitting area. On the other side of the room, a door offers private access to the deck.

Affirming the luxurious feel, the private bath boasts dual sinks to ease the morning rush, as well as a beautiful garden tub and a separate shower. A large walk-in closet adjoins the bath, saving space in the bedroom, and the Lowerys added pocket and bifold doors instead of swinging doors to make the bath more maneuverable.

On the other side of the home, two good-sized secondary bedrooms each enjoy access to a split bath, which offers the convenience of individual sinks and walk-in closets. Private bath access makes these bedrooms ideal for overnight guests, finicky teenagers or boomerang children.

Plan HOMEPW02945 seems to offer it all: Comfortable living spaces, quality entertaining areas and luxurious bedroom retreats. Perhaps that's why it continues to be one of's best sellers!

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