Three Bedroom Country Plan - HOMEPW03008

Case Study in Home Building

The image on this page may or may not correspond to the owner-specific modifications described in this case study. Please check the floor plans carefully on the product detail page.

Country Home Plan with Three Bedrooms - HOMEPW03008

Tallahassee, FL

Owner-specific modifications:

  • Did not recess front entry; instead, aligned entry walls with front walls of living and dining rooms
  • Widened family room, garage and master bedroom
  • Replaced living room doors with single column to match dining room
  • Removed sitting area in master bedroom to make room for larger closet
  • Rearranged master bath
  • Reconfigured trusses in future area to allow for more space
  • Changed some closed doors into open archways
  • Eliminated door to kitchen pantry

As anyone searching for the "perfect" home plan knows, it can be challenging to find a home that achieves both the functional and aesthetic needs that you're looking for. This is why when Paul and Elizabeth Birdwell of Tallahassee, Fla., first set eyes on Plan HOMEPW03008, they were delighted to find that they loved not only the look of the exterior, but the functionality of the interior. "It was absolutely perfect for us," Elizabeth says.

Paul, the owner of a manufacturing company, and Elizabeth, an office manager for an economic consulting firm, decided to build because of great interest rates and their desire for a larger, customized home. They were so excited when they first received their plan through the mail, Elizabeth says, that they drove around town trying to find a home that resembled it. They couldn't find any. But according to Elizabeth, that turned out to be a good thing. The look of their home is unique to the area, and with a few modifications, the Birdwells now enjoy what they feel is a "truly custom home" built just for them.

The Birdwells' modifications included widening the family room, garage and master bedroom. In addition, rather than building a recessed entry, they moved the walls of the entry to align with the front outer walls of the living and dining rooms. The Birdwells also modified the living room's entry to match the open-columned look of the dining room. All of these changes helped accentuate the open feel of the home, which is one of the couple's favorite aspects.

In the master bedroom, the sitting area was removed to accommodate a larger closet. The Birdwells also rearranged the master bath to pair the sinks on the same counter, instead of having them located across from one another.

Throughout the home, the Birdwells created a theme of tall archways to take the place of some doors, including the one leading to the kitchen pantry. In addition, after reconfiguring the trusses in the future area above the garage, they took advantage of the extra space by adding a pool table and using it as a game room.

The Birdwells are not the only ones who love their new home. "We have had so many compliments from everyone," says Elizabeth. Even with all the compliments, however, the Birdwells' building plans are not quite complete: "We are looking forward to adding a deck out back and eventually a pool area," she says.

When asked about the building experience, Elizabeth says, "We would definitely use stock plans again. They are very easy to understand. With just a few modifications, we now have our dream home. We are so happy with [it] and plan to be living here a long time!"

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