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Three Bedroom Colonial Home Plan HOMEPW03065 - Front View   Master Bedroom - HOMEPW03065   Master Bath - HOMEPW03065

Tim and Dina had spent their entire lives in the same suburban Atlanta neighborhood and were keen to stay in it. The couple had been searching for a home for some time when Dina spotted a house under construction that piqued her interest. She suggested to Tim that he drive by and check it out. After receiving a tour of Plan HOMEPW03065 from the builder, Tim called Dina and said, "I think I found the home." When she finished work that evening, Tim dragged Dina to the site, and with flashlight in hand, they poked around the property, peering into windows. Fortunately, Dina concurred with Tim's assessment.

What intrigued them initially about the plan was the opportunity to live on one level. Thinking ahead for what they might want in a home as they age, they decided to eliminate stairs and the second-floor master suite. One of the couple's favorite features is the hearth room, where they like to spend time at the end of the day catching up. Dina says, "I'm not a TV person," and refuses to install one in the hearth room, so Tim set up a TV in the bonus room, which has been finished as a home office.

Garage - HOMEPW03065   Hearth Room - HOMEPW03065   Kitchen - HOMEPW03065

They also appreciate all the windows, which flood the home with an abundance of natural light. The couple has been planting trees in the yard to create a park-like environment, which, it is their hope, will mean less maintenance. Tim and Dina will possibly finish the extravagantly large basement, which could become an in-law apartment. Although Tim and Dina declared in unison that this is their dream home, conveniently located close to work and to family, they agree that they would build from stock plans again.

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