Three Bedroom Country Style House Plan - HOMEPW26949

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The image on this page may or may not correspond to the owner-specific modifications described in this case study. Please check the floor plans carefully on the product detail page.

Three Bedroom Country Style House Plan - HOMEPW26949

Whigham, GA

Owner-specific modifications:

  • Used siding, rather than stone, on exterior
  • Installed French doors, rather than windows, leading from dining room to side porch
  • Built separate screened porch with summer kitchen; built path leading from home's side porch to summer kitchen

Most people choose their home plans based on personal styles and preferences, but Bill and Mimi Boyette, of Tallahassee, Fla., discovered that when building their vacation home, the home's surroundings became the biggest inspiration for creating a unique retreat.

When the Boyettes found a secluded 130-acre farm in Georgia, Bill initially planned to use it just for hunting. Because the farm was less than an hour from their primary residence in Tallahassee, however, Bill and Mimi soon realized that they wanted to spend more time there, so they began shopping for plans.

Plan HOMEPW26949 appealed to the Boyettes because of its cottage-style facade and small, but open, interior layout.

"We're not really farm people," Mimi says, "but we wanted [the home] to go with the location, so we sort of did a country theme."

"One of the biggest [challenges] was finding a small house plan with a vaulted Great Room," says Bill, a commercial builder. "Otherwise it would have been too confined."

The couple also made a few modifications to tailor the plan just for them. French doors replaced the windows on the dining room's side wall to lead to the porch. From the porch, a pathway leads to a large, screened outdoor kitchen sheltered by a cozy grove of trees, making it the perfect place for spending a lazy afternoon.

The interior decorating was also taken into careful consideration as the Boyettes created their country cottage. They chose to add a little rustic charm to the home by incorporating wood paneling for most of the walls. Mimi and her sister also tiled the home's two baths and the kitchen; the backsplash of the kitchen took 1,600 tiles to complete! Touches like these, in addition to the country-style furniture, allowed the Boyettes to use modern appliances and fixtures, such as the refrigerator and the contemporary sinks in the baths, while still maintaining the quaint look they desired.

The Boyettes' favorite aspect of their getaway home is the openness that's created by the kitchen, dining room and living room. "If we were to live here full-time," Mimi says, "I'd extend the living room out, but for what we need, it's fine." The Boyettes retreat to their pecan-tree farm every weekend in the fall and for many weekday dinners with their son, daughter and grandson.

The couple also love the fireplace because it heats the whole downstairs in the winter.

As for the facade, Mimi notes the big front dormers. "I think that's a real plus," she says. "A lot of times [homes have] three small dormers, but this has two bigger ones."

The Boyettes find that their home's close location to town makes life very convenient. They enjoy bringing their family to the property to hunt, garden and feed the ducks in their expansive front pond.

Mimi says just one thing is missing that would make their home complete: "We're going to have to build a fort for our grandson over in the trees!"

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