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The quintessential Colonial-style home includes a symmetrical facade, regularly-spaced single windows, and some decorative accent over the front door. The size and complexity of that decoration is one of the features that differentiate the Colonial sub-styles. Historically speaking, this style developed in the original thirteen American colonies, as settlers adapted European building techniques to the materials available and the climates in their New World colonies. The Colonial home plans being built in America today are more accurately called "Colonial Revival," which was first seen around 1880, and grew rapidly after World War I. Examples range from the simple, square shape of a saltbox design to a grand estate, such as Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

  • Rectangular, with a symmetrical fa├žade
  • 2-3 stories, with a gable roof
  • Front door with sidelights and topped by transom windows
5 Bedroom Colonial Home Plan HOMEPW76861

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