A-Frame House Plans - A-Frame Home Plans

Tucked into a lakeside, sheltered by towering trees, or clinging to mountainous terrain, A-frame homes are arguably the ubiquitous style for rustic vacation homes. They come by their moniker naturally; the gable roof extends down the sides of the home, practically to ground level. The A-frame's look is eye-catching, yet extremely practical: The steep roof pitch helps to shed heavy snows. Oh, so practical, but let's face it: The A-frame style endures because of its ties to our past, and its unflagging promise to keep us safe and cozy after a long day of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

  • Gable roof extending nearly to ground level
  • Gable end frequently features a wall of windows
  • Floor plans often include a loft
3 Bedroom A-Frame Home Plan HOMEPW75937

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