Save time and money with a Planning Set!

When you're looking for the right dress shoes, you try on several pairs. When you're looking for the right car, you test drive different models. And if you're planning to build a new home but haven't found the right design yet, now you can start with a Planning Set for one or several home plans!

For as little as $99, you can buy a Planning Set for a select number of our best-selling designs to get a better idea of how a particular home will fit your family. And when you buy the blueprints for that home, you get your Planning Set investment back!

A Planning Set includes all four exterior elevations for a given home, plus floor plans shown to scale. Use your Planning Set to:

  • Help you decide among several home plan options
  • Gather bids from contractors
  • Arrange your furniture (will your antique steamer trunk overcome the den?)
  • Analyze traffic patterns
  • Gauge sight lines on your lot

Which plans have Planning Sets available?

To determine if a given home has a Planning Set available, look for the words "Planning Set" in the "House Plans Pricing" section on any home's "Plan-Details" page (that's the page you see after clicking on any home's thumbnail image following a plan search). If you don't see "Planning Set," a planning set for that plan is currently not available. Please call (888) 447-1946 for updated availability.

Now for the money-back part. If you buy a blueprint set for the same home within 60 days of your Planning Set purchase, we'll deduct the purchase price from your invoice! It's as close to risk-free as you're going to get in this life!

Planning Sets are for study and review purposes only! They are stamped NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION.

You're already about to save thousands compared to a custom blueprint. Why not save a little more and try a Planning Set today? Find your dream home plan now!

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