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House Plans with Basement Garage

Maximize your sloping lot with these home plans, which feature garages located on a lower level. Drive under garage house plans vary in their layouts, but usually offer parking that is accessed from the front of the home, with stairs (and sometimes an elevator also) leading upstairs to living spaces.

In hilly or mountainous regions, sloping lots are common. Your hillside lot takes a little more planning, but offers a great opportunity to maximize expensive land by building multiple levels. Hillside lots also give you the opportunity to have outdoor living on a variety of levels – perhaps a patio on the lower level, a porch upstairs, and maybe a deck or balcony too. Just picture yourself taking a drink out to the porch and enjoying the view! Many of the designs in this collection feature Craftsman styling that would fit especially well in Washington, Oregon, California, or the Hill Country of Texas.

If you’re building in a flood-prone region (like in Florida, or the Low Country area in South Carolina), consider one of the plans in this collection with an island basement. That’s when the lower level holds parking and storage, but not living spaces. Tidewater styling typically shows off levels of porches and patios to capture every coastal breeze.

Since you want your home to be accessible for years to come, consider including an elevator. Some homes in this collection include one, or you can use our modification service to add one. Even if you’re not sure you want an elevator, keep the possibility open by stacking closets above each other on all levels to leave room for an elevator shaft in the future.

Explore these drive-under garage plans and find your dream home.

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