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Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-659
California Home Plans
From cozy bungalows to tile-roofed Spanish haciendas to sprawling modern ramblers, California home styles have influenced homes across the country. Most popular from 1900 to 1920, the California bungalow is characterized by its Craftsman charm, few material details, an offset entry and a projecting front porch. Spanish-influenced houses take their cue from the missions of the early Spanish missionaries and feature low-pitched tiled roofs, stucco walls, rounded windows and grillwork. The movie stars of the 1950s and 1960s built sprawling contemporary homes that caught the attention of America. These designs were often one-story and feature low-slung roofs, lots of windows, little ornamentation and use of unusual mixtures of exterior wall materials.
Ranch Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #47-887
Canadian Home Plans
With designs suitable for any purpose from lake retreats to executive luxury homes, our Canadian house plans collection includes homes designed by Canadian home designers and architects. Featuring every modern amenity, these homes will fit in anywhere, but were designed with Canadian weather extremes in mind. They are energy efficient and take advantage of light from efficient window arrangements. Many feature natural materials, outdoor living spaces and open gathering rooms. The plans in this collection were drawn to meet the Council of American Building Officials One and Two Family Dwelling Code or the International Residential Code, making it easier to build the home in Canada or the United States.
Southern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-18
Coastal Home Plans
Coastal home plans, also referred to as "beach house plans" or "beach house floor plans," have a distinctive look that's both unique and refreshing. Coastal house plans borrow from a variety of styles, including Spanish, Mediterranean and even Victorian home plans. In Florida, coastal house plans tend to be perched on stilts to provide a measure of defense against the hurricanes that move ashore. Many of our beach house plans use wood (pole) or cement (pier) posts as foundations, and usually include panoramic windows and outdoor living spaces oriented to the rear to capitalize on the fabulous water views. Exterior material choices for coastal house plans need to respond well to the elements and be able to weather salt air, so many homeowners choose synthetic materials, which are less prone to degradation from salt mist.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1017-157
Florida House Plans
Want to build a home in Florida? Love outdoor living? If so, a design from our Florida house plans collection could be just what the doctor ordered! Florida attracts a variety of house plan styles. Due to much of the state's proximity to water, you'll find many coastal/Tidewater designs, which may include island basements. Mediterranean and Spanish plans are also prevalent, often sporting chic red tile roofs and stucco. That said, if you're a Craftsman house plan lover or a modern farmhouse floor plan type of person, you needn't worry, as our collection of Florida house plans features these beloved styles too!
Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-11
Lakeside Home Plans
Whether simple or more extravagant, our lakeside house designs offer the perfect place to get away from the bustle of everyday life to the quiet and relaxation of the lakeshore. With designs that range from A-frames and chalets to cottages or cabins, our lakeside homes all have several features in common. They have vast windows that overlook the lake views at the rear of the home and outdoor areas that expand their living space. Many feature fireplaces, while other features include lofts, walkout basements and open floor plans.
Craftsman style house design, elevation photo
Mountain House Plans
Seeking a rustic abode that perfectly complements a mountainous or wilderness lot? Look no further than our collection of mountain house plans!
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #892-16
Northwest Home Plans
This style of home is patterned after homes found in the Northwestern United States. Usually simple in design and constructed mostly of wood, they feature low-pitched roofs with deep overhangs and large windows. The design and materials are natural, to blend into the environment. The interiors are informal, with open layouts and plenty of windows to take in the views.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #929-8
Southern Home Plans
Southern home plans have a warmth and a historical connection that few other styles can mirror. The exterior design elements of Southern home plans can include inviting stacked porches, verandas, shuttered windows, arched transom windows, and dormers, which lend themselves to nostalgia and lasting appeal. The Louisiana Creole and Tidewater (South Carolina and vicinity) styles are often topped by a metal roof, giving them a distinctive appearance. Plantations and similar estate house plans also belong in the Southern home plans category.