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Home Plans with Elevator

Why not make your new home as easy to get around as possible? Elevator house plans include room for an elevator to take you from level to level. It’s not just for luxury homes – you’ll find all kinds of designs here, from modest beach bungalows to family-friendly floor plans that fit a sloping lot. Aging in place is a term that’s used a lot these days, and it doesn’t have to mean retrofitting your whole house to accommodate a wheelchair (though including wide doorways and easy-to-reach light switches and grab bars is a good way to make friends and relatives in wheelchairs feel welcome). Rather, it means that you’re planning for the future. A home that’s ready to serve you for decades to come should be prepared for the possibility of lessened mobility, whether that means achy joints that make it painful to climb stairs or a debilitating injury.

But it’s not just for you. Consider, if you have elderly parents or relatives who might come to live with you in the future, how much easier it would be for everyone to have an elevator available. One-story homes offer the simplest layout for mobility, but it’s not always possible to fit everything you want onto one level when your lot doesn’t allow building out. So you build up, which is an efficient use of land.

You don’t have to install the elevator car if you’re not sure if you’ll need it. Just pick a plan (or use our modification service) that stacks closets on top of one another to leave room for an elevator shaft in the future. If you never need the elevator, you have handy storage instead. Win/win!

The styles of house plans with elevators range quite a bit, from breezy coastal designs that would be right at home in Florida or South Carolina to elegant Shingle designs that fit nicely in Michigan or the Northwest.

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