Home Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #126-236
By choosing to build from a pre-drawn plan — as opposed to hiring a residential architect to create a custom home — you've already taken a big step toward building a great home at the right price. But not all pre-drawn plans cost the same to build. You can still keep costs down and have a beautiful home by keeping several principles in mind. First, and most obviously, a larger home costs more to build and more to heat, cool, and maintain. That's why you'll find many smaller homes in this collection. You'll also notice homes that have relatively simple footprints, meaning that aren't complicated by lots of unnecessary protrusions like dormers. This can help to keep materials and labor costs down — but keep in mind that selective usage of decorative features like bump-outs can create a stunningly beautiful effect, so there's no need to write them out entirely.
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Builder Favorites
Home Plans for House Builders
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Designer Favorites
There are a lot of home plans to choose from. If you're looking for a place to start, consider this collection of picks from our top designers. These outstanding home plans represent each designer's favorite plans, in styles ranging from country to ranch to contemporary.
Home Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-156
Editors Picks
Our editors spend their days looking at home designs, from tiny house plans to luxury estates. Carefully selected for their appealing facades, smart layouts, and modern amenities, these home plans offer a variety of sizes and architectural styles. You’re sure to find a favorite among our favorites!
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Thanks to our exclusive relationships with top designers, you'll find more than 2,500 home plans here that aren't available on other sites. These are award-winning home designs in a wide variety of styles. Leading design firms represented here include Frank Betz Associates; Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc.; the Sater Design Collection; and Visbeen Architects. You can find their home plans all in one place here on HomePlans.com.
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Green building is a hot trend in residential construction. It considers the home's environmental impact from perspective of its design, construction, maintenance, and use. Factors include site-specific positioning, use of sustainable and renewable materials, energy-efficient building techniques, water conservation, indoor environmental air quality, and self-generation of energy. If you are looking to build green, look for elements such as open spaces, modest ceiling heights, and plenty of natural light sources. Also, be sure to consider 2x6 framing or other alternative building systems.
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Townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, and condos all count as multifamily housing, though the reasons for choosing to build an attached home vary quite a bit. Perhaps you want to live very near extended family, but not necessarily in the same home. Maybe you'd like to generate income by renting out one or more units. Or you simply want to use expensive land in the most efficient way possible, especially in a busy city with limited lot supply.
Home Plan - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-1030
Narrow Lot
Have a narrow lot? Meet the narrow house plans collection! Each narrow lot design in the collection below is 40 feet wide or less. Narrow width in a home's design does not necessarily mean narrow choice or narrow appeal.
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New American
Popular from 1980 to the present, this is a style often seen in American suburbs. It is not strongly associated with any given style, but borrows elements from a variety of styles to create an entirely new look. Soaring entryways, a mix of materials, and prominent garages are all common on the exterior. This style is also called Postmodern.
Home Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1064-127
Updated weekly with the latest house plans, this collection features a sneak peek at new home designs destined to become favorites. Stay ahead of the trend and browse home plans boasting open floor plans, outdoor living rooms, spa-like master retreats, mud rooms, pet stations, and more of what makes today’s house a home.
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House Plans with Photos
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Simple Home Plans
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Sloped Lot
Home plans with a walkout, or daylight, basement are designed for a sloping lot, whether front-to-back or front corner-to-back corner. Simply put, a daylight basement sits at ground level and opens to a side yard and/or the backyard. The big advantage of a hillside design is that it allows outdoor access from the basement level, often through French or sliding glass doors. This collection of homes features plans originally drawn to be built with a daylight basement, but any plan in our library can be modified to use this type of foundation.
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Special Buys on House Plans
Looking for an affordable house plan design? You'll find the very best deals right here, with everything from simple ranch floor plans to modern farmhouse styles and more.
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Perfect for singles, couples, or families who are just starting out, our starter home plan collection features designs that are easy to build. Most are smaller home plans without budget-inflating extras. Floor plans are straightforward, with open designs providing smart use of space. Styles range from traditional to contemporary.
Home Plan - Craftsman house plan - Mountain Lodge Style by David Wiggins 2000 sft
Top Selling
Our top selling home plans run the gamut in terms of size and architectural style. You'll find a variety of great home plans from traditional to contemporary, one-story to two-plus. Regardless of its square footage, each best-selling design features the modern amenities that today's families crave. Just browse through and you'll see why they're our most popular plans!
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Our vacation home plans include cabin, chalet, A-frame, and the sort of view-gathering home you see here. Often of smaller square footage, vacation home plans usually use traditional architectural details, and often include a large deck at the rear. Prow-shaped exterior wall lines with large windows are common, too. Hundreds of vacation house plans that cater to your need to get away from it all are available.
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