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Duplex Home Plan Designs

If you’re searching for a duplex house plan, that probably means one of two things: either you’re interested in acquiring rental income, or you need a nearby space in which to house a friend or family member, like an elderly parent or grown child. The duplex house plans in the collection below work for both of these scenarios.

Regarding rental income-- duplex house plans offer homeowners the ability to live in one half of the duplex while renting out the other half to a family, couple, single professional, or college student. Now, some people are hesitant about becoming landlords. And, yes, undesirable tenants do exist. But great tenants also exist. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be awesome to live in a home and not have to worry about paying a mortgage? That’s pretty close to (if not the exact) definition of "living the dream!" Even if the amount that’s paid by the renting party doesn’t totally cover your monthly mortgage, wouldn’t paying only, say, 25% of your normal monthly mortgage still be pretty sweet?

Regarding the ability to house loved ones—duplex house plans offer you and your loved one close proximity to one another while still maintaining a much needed degree of privacy. For instance, if you have a grown child living with you for a period of time, that can be great, as you can get to know each other better , re-live fun times from the past, and possibly afford the grown child time to get back on their feet financially or emotionally. At the same time, you probably don’t want that grown child to wake you up at 5AM every morning as they’re trying to get ready for work. Likewise, if you are that grown child, you may not want to be hit with a barrage of questions about how the latest date went as soon as you return home on a Saturday night. In short, privacy and proximity can be perfect complements to one another, and if this pleasant pairing is what you seek, a duplex house plan from the collection below could be just what the doctor ordered!

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