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Florida House Plans

Want to build a home in Florida? Love outdoor living? If so, a design from our Florida house plans collection could be just what the doctor ordered!*

Florida attracts a variety of house plan styles. Due to much of the state's proximity to water, you'll find many coastal/Tidewater designs, which may include island basements. Mediterranean and Spanish plans are also prevalent, often sporting chic red tile roofs and stucco. That said, if you're a Craftsman house plan lover or a modern farmhouse floor plan type of person, you needn't worry, as our collection of Florida house plans features these beloved styles too! One characteristic that tends to be seen cross all styles of Florida house plans is great outdoor living. Florida is the "Sunshine State," after all, so this shouldn't be too much of a shocker! Look for porches, verandas, lanais, balconies, terraces and more. Then, think about which amenities you and your family are specifically going to need. For instance, if you know you want to have a pool in your backyard, consider a Florida house plan with a pool bath (i.e. a bath that's easily accessible from the back of the property). Likewise, if you know the area you're building in tends to have lots of bugs, a screened porch might be your best bet.

*This collection may include a variety of plans from designers in the region, designs that have sold there, or ones that simply remind us of the area in their styling. Please note that some locations may require specific engineering and/or local code adoptions. Be sure to check with your contractor or local building authority to see what is required for your area.