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Master Suite Floor Plans

While master suite house plans are ubiquitous now, you may not have grown up in a home with more than one bathroom. Remember waiting in the hallway for your turn to shower? Even if you didn’t experience this, perhaps your first apartment or dorm room brings back memories of shared bathrooms and a distinct lack of privacy.

Master suite house plans ensure privacy for everyone, especially the homeowner. En suite bathrooms are practically de rigueur with most of today’s house plans, except for very modest dwellings or some vacation cottages (though these, too, increasingly feature private bathrooms for the owner). Typically, this means at least one sink (more often two, so that each partner can brush his or her teeth without waiting), a toilet, and some combination of shower or tub.

Speaking of showers and tub, the tub/shower combo is still present in some designs but has become rare overall as master bathrooms have grown larger and more luxurious. But being economical doesn’t have to mean skimping in the bathroom. Some modern floor plans eliminate the tub for the master, since many people don’t use it very frequently, in favor of a large shower. That’s an efficient way to use space in a small home. However, if you like to sink into a bubble bath on occasion, consider including one. Freestanding tubs present a chic approach that looks fresher than the big step-up tubs of years past.

What else might you find in a master suite house plan? The most luxurious, spa-like master bathrooms feature ultra-big showers, often with room for a seat (a smart inclusion that makes it easier to age in place). Some especially fancy showers offer multiple shower heads, dry-off areas, or even a configuration that lets you walk through from one side to another.

Storage is important in any bathroom, so make sure you pick a master bathroom plan with plenty of counter space. Many plans include linen storage in or near the bathroom. Others feature walk-in closets that adjoin the bathroom, making it easy to dry off and get dressed without traveling too far or disturbing a sleeping partner in the bedroom.

Master suites can reside on either the first or second floor. Many newer designs place the suite on the main floor, making it easier to age in place later (no need to navigate stairs all the time).

Some recent home plans even include two master suites, so your special guests (or live-in relatives like an elderly parent) enjoy privacy and comfort.